1.1. Seller


Trade name: MAKA Assistant




1.2. buyers


Name – Surname:







It is a Distance Selling Agreement between the seller and buyer that entails the sale and delivery of goods and services. The main subject of this Agreement is to generate the rights and liabilities of both parties under the Consumers Protection Law No. 4077.  This Agreement tells the provisions regarding the purchase of goods and services by the Buyer through electronic media based on the setup of the Distance Contracts Regulations. The Seller owns the given website

Through this Agreement, the Buyer officially acknowledges and agrees that he/she/it is well informed of the given title, name, phone, email, and other information of the concerned Seller. The Buyer knows where to enter the complaints (if any) and how to raise his/her voice against any objection (if any) regarding the purchase of goods or services directly from the Seller.

Therefore, the Buyer accepts that he/she/it is aware of all introductory information related to the official authorities. The Buyer also admits that he/she/it is confidential with the basic features of the given services such as sale, sale price including the essential things like tax, terms of delivery, terms of payment and much more.

The Buyer is sensible of his/her/its rights and confirms his/her/its knowledge of all essential preliminary information through electronic media. The Buyer will surely place the order under the allocation of this Agreement.

The sale and delivery of the products, the statement issued and all preliminary information provided on the mentioned Seller's website are the main parts of the Agreement.


The facts related to the sale and delivery of products/services should be stated clearly, accurately and completely. The model, type, exact amount, invoice information, sale price, way of payment, delivery address, ship-to party, shipment fee of the product(s) buying electronically should be referred in the Agreement.

The person who made the contract at the start should be the same person whom the statement will be issued. The Seller has the right to either delay or terminates the order placed by the Buyer on account of provision of misplaced, false, or wrong on the part of the Buyer. In case of provision of incorrect or missing information, the Buyer agrees to reimburse all damages and droppings ultimately.

In case of any difficulty, issue, or misunderstanding related to the order, the Seller will contact the Buyer through phone, mail address or Email. If the seller is not able to reach the Buyer, then the Seller may delay the order for fifteen (15) days. If the Buyer does not call or mail the Seller within the given period, the Seller has the absolute right to cancel the order to save both parties from worthless damage.

Purchased Product(s)

The product name, code:; … pcs.

Means of Payment: Credit Card / CASH

Total Sale Price: …. –TL/USD/EURO


Delivery address:


Billing Person/Company:

Billing Address:

Tax Office:

Tax ID number:

Cargo charge: … -TL/USD/EURO


The exact date of the order placed by the Buyer or the Contract Date is ../../…

All the events that are far away the control of the Contract Parties are proclaimed as the force majeure events like natural disasters, lockout, riots, war terrorism, changed legislation, confiscation or strike, major blow up in the production and communication provisions etc. The force majeure events, whether received at the Contract Date or not, can cause a delay in the performance of commitments by both Parties either partially or wholly.

Consequently, during the force majeure event, the performance of commitments by both Parties will be delayed if the force majeure project lasts up to thirty (30) days or more, the Parties have the right to end this Agreement unilaterally.


5.1. The Seller welcomes and acknowledges its commitments mentioned in this Agreement and declare to perform its obligations. Under the Law No.4077 on the purchaser's Protection and the provisions of the Basis and Policy of the Distance Contracts Regulations, the only deviation is a force majeure during which the Seller is not forced to perform its commitments.

5.2. If there is any typist’s error, omission or imprecision relating the product pricing, will not be held answerable for it. Hence, the Seller is not responsible for the inaccuracies or faults regarding product pricing, offers, and promotions following from system failure on the website. The Buyer is not admitted to making any statement against the Buyer on account of a system failure. 

5.3. This Agreement only permits the adults aged eighteen (18) or above to shop online via the website Children or teenagers who have not come to the age of majority are not permitted to shop online via this website. The Seller can refuse the products or services to the Buyer who is not of the valid age. If the Buyer has mistakenly type his/her/its age or granted wrong age on the Contract, Seller will not be held accountable.

5.4. Ahold of payment options is made an offer for the Buyer. For online shopping through, the Buyers can also use their credit cards or direct bank transfer to buy the products. If the full money is not paid within given days of placing the order, the Seller reserves the right to drop that order. The term order processing relates to the time during which the payment is deposited through your credit cards or bank transfer (EFT-Electronic Funds Transfer) into the Seller’s bank account virtually. Order processing does not specify the period of delivery of the order. Keep in your mind that the deposits via postal cheque or wire transfer will only be received when the Buyer contacts the given customer's service.


6.1. The Buyer agrees and accepts its obligations subject to this Agreement and declare to complete those commitments except during a force majeure.

6.2. The Buyer also undertakes that he has consented to the provisions of the given Agreement. Consequently, any order placed by the Buyer will be observed with the payment method suggested in this Agreement.

6.3. The Buyer affirms that he/she/it has all the information related to Seller. He/she/it is well-known of the name, title, phone, address, Email, and other contact information of the Seller. The Buyer also admits to being familiar with the terms and basic features of the services/goods. He/she/it has complete knowledge related to the sale, sale price having the tax, terms of delivery and payment etc. The Buyer also declares that he/she/it knows about the formal authorities to which he/she/it can enter the complaints and raise his/her/its voice relating to the goods or services. The Buyer is also well-known for its right of withdrawal and knows how to use it. Moreover, the Buyer has confirmed the preliminary information mentioned on the mentioned website

6.4. The Buyer accepts that he/she/it has reviewed the information provided through and the Therefore, the Buyer is aware of the expressions of payment, purchase order, instructions concerning product usage and essential measures such as warnings. The Buyer affirms that confirmation is done electronically after reviewing all the necessary information.

6.5. If the Buyer wants to return a defective product, he/she/it confirms that the work being produced is not used. It's an essential thing for a buyer to undertakes that the item which returned is in the original packaging and condition which sellers delivered. The Buyer should have the delivery note/receipt as proof of his/her/its purchase.



Once the Buyer certifies the order in his/her/its shopping cart along with its total price inc. Taxes (VAT) or the total instalment amount (in case of an instalment) of a product(s), the bank begin to proceed the payment.

The Buyer will be informed of the problems (if any) regarding payments or credit cards, through Email/phone/fax. The Seller may appeal the Buyer to contact his/her/its bank if needed. Order processing starts at the spot payment is made through the Buyer's credit card or the bank transfer (EFT-Electronic Funds Transfer) and is transferred to the Seller's bank account.

The Buyer is notified if the Seller is not able to supply the desired/ordered product based on problems relating to stock or other significant, right, and acceptable reasons. In such case, following the verification of the Buyer (a) another product of original quality and quantity is sent; (b) the latest development is chosen by the Buyer; (c) both parties wait unless the original order is delivered, or (d) the order is rejected by either the Buyer or the Seller.

If the product's delivery is not possible, the Buyer is informed, and the Seller returns the payments. The given documents of the Buyers are returned within ten (10) days, and ultimately, the contract is terminated or rejected. If the Buyer faces such problems, he/she/it has no right to confess any damage from the Seller, whether it is psychological or financial damage.


Buyers who do not want to share their credit card information can shop online from given site through cash transfer. The selection of the bank depends entirely on the Buyer. He/she/it can select any bank according to their need. In case the Buyer makes the payment through EFT, the deposit date of EFT should be observed. During money transfering, the Buyer should provide the same name written on the bill, with the exact number of the order.

If unofficial people are using the Buyer’s card unlawful, the financial corporate or the bank will reject to pay any payment to the Seller. In such a situation, the Buyer must have to return the delivered products in the same condition to the Seller within the time of given ten (10) days. Make sure to keep that in mind that the cargo charges will be paid by him/her.

Buyers who pay through credit cards agree accepts and affirm that the given information is correct. The Buyers also declares that the default interests and apposite interest rates will be applied in obedience with the credit card contract initially signed between the Buyer and the bank.



The product(s) are forwarded to the Buyer’s address following the confirmation of the order through Email. The same cargo company will be worn to transfer the original product(s) that was specified or chosen by both Parties before delivery.


The product(s) ordered by the purchaser will be delivered to the exact address provided by the Buyer. Once the contract is assigned, the Seller will give the product(s) within thirty (30) days after the Buyer attests the order. If the Seller sticks out the delivery period, the Buyer would be informed. However, the Seller can’t expand the delivery period for more than given ten (10) days.

If the product is to be delivered to a mentioned area that is not well covered by the chosen cargo company, the products will be directly sent as callable phone cargo. In such a situation, the delivery period might be increased. The delivery time of the products may also increase due to natural disasters or the wrong provision of information on behave of Buyer. In both situations, the Seller will not be responsible for the late delivery. If the ship-to-person rejects to take the delivery, is not available or extra cargo charges apply, the Seller will not be liable for the extension. If the product(s) are not correctly delivered at the time given by the Seller, the Buyer should approach the customer service of Seller and informed them of the delay through

If the products get broken during delivery, the Buyer should not take the package. Instead, he/she/it should appeal the cargo officer to prepare a formal report of the damaged package. The Buyer can take the damaged box and open it only if the cargo officer does not accept to design the official report. Keep that in your mind once the Buyer assumes and takes the package, it will specify that the cargo company has fulfilled its job very well. However, if the Buyer rejects to accept the package, the formal report of the damage will be prepared, and a copy of that original report will be sent to the given Customer services.


Product Return:

The Buyer has the authority to terminate the contract within seven (7) days without the indication of any reason or paying any charges as a penalty.

Under the mentioned Tax Procedure Law No. 385, the return procedures will be carried out. For the returns, the Buyer should send at least one copy of the two bill pages of the ordered products after given the information required at the bottom of the page and sign it. The Buyers must know that the withdrawal period and the potential to use this right starts from the spot the products are delivered to their mentioned address. Moreover, any charges that may apply while returning the products must have to paid by the Buyer.

Once the Seller is informed of the return and the Seller receives the product, the money will be paid back to the Buyer. The contract is ended after the Buyer receives his/her/its documents within the given time of ten (10) days.

Although, the Buyer loses its right of withdrawal if the products have been prepared primarily upon his/her/its request or needs.

 The Buyer should payback for the loss resulting from the decrease in value to the Seller if it happens due to the Buyer’s mistake. In other cases, the possible loss of importance of the products does not take away the right of cancellation from the Buyer.

If somehow the products are purchased by fault, the package should not be opened or damaged. If that takes place, the product shall not be returned, nor the price will return to the Buyer.

To return the product(s), the Buyer should contact the customer services and notify them about the issue. The Seller will either agree or reject to receive the returned product. If the Seller appeals the Buyer to send the product, the product will be returned to the Seller through the same cargo company that delivered the product. If the returned product is received in its exact condition, the return will be permitted, and the payment will be deposited back to the bank account or credit card of the Buyer. No amount will be paid back before the return of the product.

Buyers should be conscious that the payment will be paid back through the same procedure that was used to buy the product. If the Buyer paid the price in instalments through their credit card, the refund procedure would be the same as the instalment process used to buy the product. The refund will be returned in instalments to the bank account of the Buyer to save both parties from any unhandy situation in future. A credit will be applied to the credit card of the Buyer each month unless the payment is completely paid back.

The Sellers should not refund the amount to the Buyer in cash in case of returns. The procedure given above will be followed by the Seller to repay the instalments.


A guarantee of any product damage is provided if the products are used, washed or cleaned according to the mentioned instructions. Keep in mind that the warranty will be given based on the following two conditions. Buyers with commercial qualifications will be exposed to the regulations of the Turkish Commercial Code. Only the Buyers subjected to Law No. 4077 are under the accountability of the Sellers.


The credit card information will be transferred to the bank securely. After provision, the credit card information is deleted, and no part of that information is contracted. Email, phone number, mail address, and other information will not be exposed to any third-party websites.

However, the Seller has the right to reveal the information of the Buyer during an inquest or under lawful obligations. The Seller may notify the Buyer about its latest promotions and campaigns by using the contact information of the Buyer, but this will only happen if the Buyer/customer allow the Seller.


If a controversy arises following the application of this Agreement, the Consumer Courts and Arbitration Committees for Consumers in Istanbul permitted up to the value proclaimed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in December every year.

The Buyer should welcome all conditions of this Agreement if he/she/it wants to tightly and securely place the order.