There are some crucial things that you have to keep in mind before purchasing like, If you find any drawback and wish to return the purchased product, you can return it within the given time of 14 days. After that, no interchange or refund will be offered to you as our given Refund Policy only lasts 14 days. So, make sure to return the purchased item within 14 days.

For the return of products, you have to email us. Please notify us about the problem you are facing and also send us a screenshot of the issue as a proof you found in the purchased item.

We will require all these as proof of purchase as well. So, please send us the receipt of the item you purchased. But make sure that don’t Email us your purchase receipt.

Refunds (if applicable)

We will investigate the issue after we get your returned item. After inquiry, we will decide whether your refund is accepted or not. We will inform you everything through Email.

In case your refund is accepted, we will start to proceed your refund. For the purchased item the refund will be credited to your card or via any other method of payment you use within a given a few days or weeks.

Late or missing refunds (if applicable)

Kindly check your bank account at a regular basis for a few days or weeks. In any case, if your refund is late or misses placed, you should directly contact your credit card company. If that doesn’t worth it, then contact the bank. Refunds might take some time to be posted formally.

If you don’t get your refund even after contacting your bank, then you can directly contact us at

Exchanges (if applicable)

If you want to exchange or return the damaged item for the same original product, you can email us at Keep that in your mind the only damaged items will be replaced or return.