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We hold the right to reject our Services to any user at any time based on any particular reason. 

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You may not copy, sell, reproduce, duplicate, exploit, or resell our service or any bit of it. You will need our express written accord if you want to do so. After getting our authorization, you can reproduce or exploit our Services or contacts on our website that offers these services.


This web site facilitates you with general information. You should not wholly depend upon it and make decisions only based on the information provided on this site. We won’t be answerable if the material available on this site is not up-to-date, accurate, or complete. You have to consult the current sources of information that are the most accurate and complete.

For the reference purpose, you can get the historical information for this site. This information may not be recent or updated. However, we have the right to enhance the material of this site any time we want. Keep it in mind that we are under no commitment to update the content of this site. So, you accept that regular examination of changes on this site is your duty.


We have the right to suspend, terminate, change, or enhance our products' prices without giving the notice.

You agree that we are not responsible for changes in price, suspensions, modifications, or discontinuance of our Services provided to visitors.


There may be a limited number of services and products available through our site. A particular policy is applied to our products and services to replace or exchange any products per our return policy.

There is no guarantee for the quality of products and services that we’re providing. So, you understand that a few of the products, services, or other information might not be on your expectations. The issues and errors that will be in your products, we do not give any warranty about their correctness.

We have tried our level best to accurately show the same images, colors, and appearance of our products. We are not questioning if the colors displayed on your monitor screen do not match the original product's colors.

We have the right to limit the number of our products and services. We may also reserve the sale or terminate any product or service to any person belonging to a particular geographic location. If our services are banned in your region, then our services and products are invalid for you. We have the authority to change the prices of any product or service at any spot.


You have to provide the most latest and correct account and other information for all the online purchases. It entirely depends upon you to update your latest contact, purchase, and account information as possible as you change it. It will be sure that your transactions are in process instantly and accurately.

We may reserve the quantity or refuse any order you place through our site. It will be done based on the exact amount of products purchased under the detailed account, credit card, and the same shipping address. If the order has been placed by resellers, merchants, distributors, or dealers, we reserve the right to reject the orders.

It would be best if you were notified of the order's change or rejection through Email or phone number. Please carefully recall our Return policy for further details.


We may offer new articles, tools, resources, and services in the coming days. We also provide acquiring third-party tools and resources to you through our website. All latest and best features and services will be subject to all these Terms and Conditions.

To be very honest that we do not have any control over these mentioned third-party tools. We are not accountable if you use the optional third-party tools. You accept that the portal to third-party tools is “as available” and “as is.” We do not give any warranty, support, or depiction of such devices.

You have to accept the terms of third-party providers that give optional tools. The use of any of the third-party tools will be at your own preference.


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So, there is no warranty related to the quality of products available on the website; neither we sure that those websites are authentic. Please do read the terms and policies of third-party websites before buying any product.

Ensure that you get all terms and approve of the times before accessing or using the third-party site. We have no liability whatsoever for the damages or defects in the products or items purchased via third-party websites. If you have any objection regarding the third-party materials or objects, directly contact the third-party on the following websites.


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We might remove any offensive or unlawful comments based on our judgment.

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You can quickly learn how your personal information is submitted, used, transferred, or processed through our Privacy Policy. Kindly review our Privacy Policy to know about everything related to your personal information in detail.


So many times, there can be errors or inaccuracies in the information given on our website. Any error and inaccuracy related to product pricing, description, shipping charges, offers, promotions, availability, and transit times can be updated without any notice.

We hold the right to (1) precise and update the latest errors or inaccuracies, (2) manipulate the information or up-to-date, and (3) cancel orders at any spot. We can make these changes even after you have placed your order.

Please remember that we are under no observation to clarify, correct, or update any information related to our given products and services. The only deviation is when the information is needed to be corrected by the law. Otherwise, we are not compelled to inform you about the updates before making any changes.


We hold the right to reject or terminate our Services if you violate these banned uses. Along with the  mentioned throughout the Terms of Service, you are not allowed to use this site for: (1) harassing, insulting, defaming, abusing, slandering, intimidating, and discriminating on the basis of religion, gender, race, sexual orientation, age, national origin, ethnicity, or disability; (2) participating in any unlawful things; (3) forcing or requesting others to perform illegal acts; (4) submitting wrong, or false information; (5) profane the international, national, federal, state or provincial laws, rules, regulations, or ordinances; (6) transferring viruses, malwares, or malicious codes to purposely harm the operations of the site; (7) pretexting, scraping, or to crawl, spider, and pharm; (8) interfering with the security characteristics of this site, related websites or other websites on the Internet; (9) stocking or collecting the personal information of others; (10) immoral purposes; (11) infringing or profaning the intellectual property rights of this site or any other websites.


You accept and agree to the policy that any product or service can be suspended for unspecified periods or even canceled without any apparent notice.

We do not guarantee an uninterrupted, correct and error-free, reliable, secure, or timely service.

Please make sure to remember that we offer no warranty of the accuracy, reliability of the results you get from our site.

The Intelligence.kadvisor, our directors, employees, officers, agents, interns, contractors, affiliates, service providers, or licensors are not questionable for any claims, losses, injuries, or damages. They are not responsible for any direct or indirect, special, incidental, consequential, and punitive damages of any form. These damages also include the significant lost profits, savings, revenue, loss of data, or other damages.

Some states, geographic regions do not allow it when the responsibility for incidental damages is either excluded or limited.  In those states, geographic areas, or jurisdictions, our liability for incidental damages will be reserved to the maximum extent permitted by law.


You agree that Intelligence.kadvisor, with our parent organization, affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, contractors, agents, officers, directors, licensors, subcontractors, service providers, employees, suppliers, and interns will not be made susceptible to any demand by you. You also agree to defend and reimburse them harmless from any future needs or claims made by you or resulting from your breach of the Terms of Service and even those made by any third-party.


Suppose any points or provisions of these Terms of Service are deemed unlawful or unenforceable in a specific region or a state. In that case, the requirements will still be applicable in the areas or countries where the law permits them. Only the unenforceable portions will be allowed to be severed from the Terms of Service. All other provisions will be implementable.


These Terms and Services are functional and effective until we discontinue them. You can also terminate the agreement at any time. By stopping our website or notifying us, you can remove these Terms of Service.

We can also discontinue the Terms of Services; we suspect that you are not forcing with the given terms and provisions of these Terms of Service except any notice. However, you will be likely to pay the amount due to the date of termination.


Even if we fail to impose these Terms and Services' provision, the condition will still be useful and applicable.

The entire agreement comprises all Terms of Service, policies, and other operating rules offers on a given site. Our service can only be used after a critical understanding between you and us and by your acceptance. This agreement replaces past agreements, proposals, communication between clients and us. If you are unable to understand the terms, then it is your duty.


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We have the right to change, update, and replace all or a part of these Terms of Service. You are answerable for checking this website for changes and the latest updates regularly. If you regularly use our website to follow the updates to these Terms of service, it implicit that you have accepted the latest changes.

The up-to-date and the latest version of the Terms of Service can be reviewed at any time on this website.


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